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Follow the listed instructions to access the online services:

  1. On your web browser type:  http/info.tealgroup.com/
  2. The Client Logon on screen will appear:
    Please enter your eMail address OR your Client Number AND your Password
    User ID/eMail:
  3. Type in the provided User ID or your email address and the provided Password.
  4. A list of Teal Group Products will appear on the next screen.
  5. You will have access to the services you have subscribed to as well to be able to see what is available in other services. Accessible reports will appear as clickable text. You will not be able to access reports in unsubscribed services. These report titles will appear as normal text.
  6. Click on the Title of the service you have subscribed to. The various sections will appear under the Title. Click on a section and the reports in that section will appear. At this point you can click on the desired report to access the file.

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